A New Approach

Today marks the start of a new approach to doing written content on my website.  With the addition of an inexpensive Bluetooth keyboard to the 2017 iPad (cheap one not the Pro lol) I'm setup to type in thoughts, events, and ideas from most anywhere with internet including in my car provided of course I'm not driving! 

I may comment periodically on world events here but by and large I do that elsewhere.  This site is more for communication of ideas and coordination of events with others.  To put out press releases and release photographs, videos, and audio recordings.  A multimedia platform essentially.   

To that end I'll also reorganize this and reformat the site into what I think makes the most sense to reflect the various mediums and to concentrate it on one set of ideas.  Audio video, still photography, and coordinated projects with other like minded people.  My link index is currently an index of resources for the AV area but rather than just doing filler stuff and keeping notes for later reference I'll ascribe that to the web browser and reserve this for links to other people and organizations involved in the arts and education areas. 

Fact is I've found that whether with cameras or a microphone you can apply the skill sets to more than just a solo production scenario.  So in part this site will also likely come to have a social media aspect in that it will wind up linking to the various folks I've worked with.  I'll try to keep that up in terms of links but if you change or move your primary presence on the net it will be helpful to let me know.  Likewise if you observe a link is outdated let me know and I'll try to update and fix it.  Credits and attribution will be a key thing in all things involving working with others.  I think in a duo or group situation even a small contribution is worthy of note essentially.   

No doubt there will be more thoughts to share in the blog but here we go.