Wunderlisting For Artistic Cooperative Endeavors In The Real World

A practical application for Macs, PCs, Tablets and Smartphones (iOS/Android) 

One of the ideas I'm currently working with is a collaborative to do list.  It won't replace face to face or even email for that matter but I think as an organizational tool for things that need to be done and for keeping meeting times striaght between partners in crime it might prove to be pretty useful sometimes.  I then to link it into Google for Gmail and Google Docs to further the collaborative options.   

I think one thing about it is maybe you have a handshake agreement or a verbal discussion and it's a way to make notes of what needs to be done and even put it in a calendar and appointment context.  Most things I put in it don't use the date function but when it comes to events or just meeting at a coffee shop I like the idea. 

The other thing is it's cross platform nature.  I have the same lists on Windows 10, OSX, Android, and iOS currently and will likely even put it on Fire or Apple TV.  Working with me though I'd expect most people might use their phone to check progress and do followups.  It has the ability to message me right in the app which is another thing I like.  Even if you are say modeling this is how I want to approach.  Just like an artist project.  It might be a new experience for some people and that's fine just communicate the newness of it to me.  One of my hallmarks is patience while at the same time trying to coordinate multiple projects and ideas at a time and keep them progressing.  Rather than going all in on just one a system like this allows for a more structured and incremental approach to span multiple things.  Currently I have to-do trees setup to send to six other artists and have one of those active. 

I'll probably edit this post more in the future as opposed to writing separate ones about the topic but if you would like to work with me I'm going to recommend at least adding it to your smartphone or computer/laptop whichever you might think to check most often.  Sort of like a dedicated channel while we are working on things.  It's really less about cracking the whip and more about how I want to raise the organizational level higher.  The primary incentive in working with me like this is greater degrees of success and timely completions.  I don't mind if people have say a writing block or need a little extra time on this or that it's what you get with art.  The notion is more to provide a structure that is less onerous than say verbal nagging and trying to basically annoy people into doing things!

Check it out you might find you use it for other stuff too like typing a shopping list out on your laptop you take with you on your phone.  For my purposes my Mom is getting older and I'll set her up with a shopping list function for the grocery story.  I'm sure there's other things.  A honey do list perhaps?